In an Airline company there are a lot of things that every passenger must be aware and follow. In every transaction today as we are now living in the world of technology everything has been done online. You can search for the best flights online and find the best flight schedule for you having the cheapest price offers. There are a lot of airline company today that offers deals and bundles for your flight. Through this, it is an opportunity for you to grab since it is the time for you to get a bigger discount during your flight.

Especially those people who are practical in life. But due to this, we should also be aware of the rules and regulations in the airport and during our flight. There is a rule in the airport that there is an amount of how many kilos are you going to bring in your baggage. Baggage has a corresponding size and weight that we should follow exactly of what the airport ask because if it gets overweight and over size surely you will not enter the gate and take your flight. Then, we should be aware of that.


Another thing is, be on the airport on or before flight. It is better if you go there 30 mins before your flight because you have a lot of things to do processing your baggage at the ticket counter. Make sure that you present your ticket correctly to avoid any conflicts during your flight and delay of flight. If you don’t know whats going on just like first timers, it is better to ask for assistance with the airport personnel to help you in every situation or problem that you encounter there.