Japan has many variety of beautiful city and scenery that you must visit in your life. This is one of the great country having a lot of natural wonders that you cannot ever believe that truly exist. You will feel like you are in a perfect paradise. Especially being in the cherry blossom garden which is a very popular theme park scenery in Japan and most tourist are wondering and travelling to witness the beauty of this garden.

You will feel like Alice in wonderland wearing gown like a princess walking in this pretty pink cherry blossoms. This is one of the top tourist attractions and the reason why many tourist come here during the day of the blooming of cherry blossoms. So, for you who doesn’t yet come in this place I mean in Tokyo must plan to spend time and visit this amazing place in Japan. Give yourself a break and try to be free from work or other agenda that you have. Relax and try to spend your time in travelling to Japan.

There are many top tourist attractions here in Japan that most people are commonly coming back in this place. It is because of its natural beauty wanders that brings a lively and amazing look for this place. Tokyo has a lot of big buildings because of the growing community and technology. And this is just normal since we are in the new generation people. However, eventhough there are a lot of establishments and buildings the organization and cleanliness of their environment is still maintain up until today.